High Tech Training

High Tech Training

At United Martial Arts Academy, we provide you with the best Martial arts training in Mesa. Even though many institutes offer the services of martial arts, there is something that makes us the best and different from others.

What makes us so different from other martial arts institutes in Mesa is our high technology training. We provide you with high technology training as we train you for martial arts.

Here’s how we do it.


In this type of testing, we perform a series of tests on your body to make sure that you are taking the type of training which best suits your body requirements. This may include:


  • Ultrasonic Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile Test

  • Functional Movement Screen Test

  • Neuromuscular Signaling Test

  • Metabolic Function Screen Test



The ultrasound health screening test allows us to determine the risky areas where an injury is more likely to happen. It also helps us detect other major diseases like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, peripheral artery disease, and osteoporosis.


We maximize your health potential by testing the 48 genes and 61 SNPs of your diet, lifestyle, exercise, cardiovascular and mental-emotional markers to deliver a comprehensive Weight & Wellness Report, which meets your fitness goals in a healthy way.


With our effective high technology testing techniques, you are guaranteed to see results that will give you peace of mind.

So do not wait any longer! If you wish to get the best martial arts training, choose United Martial Arts Academy today! We will provide Hi-Tech training at affordable rates, which will add more benefits to your training.

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